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Alcove Units

Bespoke Alcove Units that are made by us can help you maximise your lounge space and its features. You and I know that alcove units usually have unused spaces. Alcove units actually have multiple uses it can serve as a cool spot for our TV or audio system. The space provides you with different options for example, with alcove floating shelves, you can place a Television set right on the top of any of our custom made alcove cabinets, the can also be used to hide wires and cable boxes or satellite. Unum Design products are custom designed to suit your preferred taste, including bespoke shelving. Firstly, we will discuss with you and your design team about all your specific requirements for the alcove shelving and then try to help you visualise it with our computer visualised images, this way you know exactly what you are getting and how it will fit. After which you will get the chance to alter these plans just in case it’s not all you’ve imagined, we will ensure you are satisfied with whatever choice you end up making. Our company will design for you fit cupboards for your, floating alcove shelving and bespoke shelves. All of our bespoke furniture are customised to ensure that your alcove fitting and furnishing meets your specifications. Our designs will make suit your taste and style be into contemporary or conservative.

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