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Bespoke Bookcases

A significant number of us adore collecting books, but it’s not long before they begin to add to the mess, unless of course they are displayed properly a fitted furniture. However, if you really need your living space to look slick,solid wood bespoke bookcases are, by a long shot, the best places to store and show those tremendously valued collections. At Bespoke Bookcases Furniture we can provide you with various built in bookshelves options, including fitted cabinets, floor to ceiling bookshelves, and custom fitted cupboards. We even design and develop fitted cupboards in alcoves, so there is nothing we cannot achieve! All our bespoke bookcases are hand developed to the best of standards at our North London premises. Our fitted bookshelves are uniquely designed to meet your expectations. None of our fitted cupboards or fitted shelves come mass produced.

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Client: Private

Location: London

The design, manufacturing and installation of a bespoke bookcase in London. Made in high gloss black lacquer with leather feature panels.

Usually, our clients are looking for such things as a short bookcase or built in bookcases to fit in the style of their home, be it traditional or contemporary; we are only too willing to help them achieve the look they want. After all, no bookshelf should ever look out of place. Our design team will work closely with the customer to produce the ideal bookcase or shelving to compliment the surroundings. Our designers start by producing computer generated visuals to show how the bookcase, cupboard or shelves will look. The client will even be able to ask for adjustments to be made when the final plan has been produced.