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We would like to introduce you to Unum Design and the versatility we offer within our craftsmanship and design. Here at Unum Design we understand how challenging it can be to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit your space, budget and style. Together with our rich library of diverse finishes and materials along with a team of highly skilled craftsmen and designers; we are dedicated to making your vision come true. Designed, manufactured and delivered within 6 weeks we offer competitive lead-times as well as warm and efficient service.


We are well united team of designers, makers and facilitators. From the very beginning UNUM DESIGN has been involved in wide range of commissions, from a single bespoke pieces of furniture to a full-scale projects. We can provide a portfolio with some of the representative samples of the projects we have completed over the years. Since the company's formation we have gained a distinguished reputation for quality and reliability. Our goal is to complete our client's projects, adding value wherever possible, within budget and programme, whilst operating in a manner that is based on partnership, accessibility and communication. In tune with the current requirements of most clients, UNUM DESIGN is highly experienced and well versed in the sustainable demands of modern technology. UNUM DESIGN team are committed to complete all projects undertaken professionally and with the highest standards on time and budget.


We are the makers, so we into every detail of how we produce our furniture. In our new 11000 sq foot workshop, we are able to make much more. Our team is working with wood, sheet materials, veneers, metal and upholstery. As every project is unique, we can find the best possible ways to manufacture. Our design team working hand in hand with production to make sure the drawings is done with the highest attention of how the product will be manufactured. Every professional from our production team working towards to be the best of what we do and the pride of finished masterpiece is the biggest joy to all our team.


UNUM DESIGN takes pride to our quality policy to ensure the best possible result. Our process combines five separate stages. Our production manager is checking quality of every process and filling the report to confirm the satisfactory. This process enables us to identify errors before it's too late and helps us to keep up with agreed timescales and quality for the programme.


Once the contract has been awarded, the Manager will carry out an initial Project Risk Assessment, which will recall all those activities that can be identified at the beginning of the contract which may represent a risk to Health & Safety during the programme. For those activities that are identified as being high risk, detailed method statements will be required. This will be discussed at the commencement of the project. All site activities from Site set-up to final clean require a written risk assessment and it is the Site Manager’s responsibility to ensure that these are in place, understood and the requisite control measures in place, prior to the works proceeding. All our subcontractors are obliged within their subcontract orders to carry out their own risk assessments for submission and review by our own site management. You must read, understand and accept all subcontractor risk assessments prior to commencement of work.



Arnas has been creating furniture with uncompromising attention to detail for over a decade, consistently delivering beautifully designed, long-lasting, hand crafted furniture. In UNUM, he is bringing together some of the best designers, craftsmen and fitters he’s worked with during his career to provide the highest possible customer service and satisfaction.



With over 8 years experience in high end residential and hotel design, Deema is fluent in the language of interiors. She’ll be the person spending time with you to understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve, before working closely with our furniture designers to make sure the design is fully aligned with your needs.


With Architecture & Luxury Furniture design background, Duarte is the spark in the team, when it comes to creative ideas and solutions. He understands the look and feel and overall requirements for the project. Duarte is working closely with many suppliers from all over the world and has a largest selection of best possible finishes to choose from. When it comes to 3D presentations and visualisations, he is the key player and produces most beautiful UHD images to see how the peace or project would look like before its even started. Duarte's passion for design inspires all team and together we create Unum.


Vytautas is one of the most dedicated team player who is the first to come in and last to lock up. His dedication is a leading example to the whole team. He is working closely with every team player in the factory and warehouse, teaches the best possible ways and sharing knowledge to get the results that we call high standard. He has years of experience in manufacturing of wood, metal, glass and construction field. His knowledge helps us to come up with best techniques and know-how solutions in the factory and installation. His understanding helps us to plan manufacturing process fluently and efficiently.


Toby is most talented craftsman in Unum team. His attention to detail and passion to produce luxury cabinets to the highest standards and the idea of being the best in our fields drives him and the whole team forward. He is working closely with all craftsman in our team and teaching his ways and methods. Sharing a know-how is a key to Unum success and Toby is a lead example. He also helps with Technical CAD drawings and helps Vytautas to lead the team forward.


James is a newest member and he is a lead installer/fitter in Unum team. He has over 10 years of experience in bespoke furniture manufacturing and installations. James most versatile person in the team and he knows the processes inside out. His knowledge helps to overcame possible problems on site and the workshop. As all of us, James has a passion for luxury cabinets and the idea of Unum , idea of being the best in the field drives him and the team forward. Thanks to James, your home will be looked after with care and the end result will be outstanding.